Residential Boilers

Considering a Residential Boiler? Call H Jack Langer!

For many homeowners, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their home heating system is high on their list home improvement projects. A residential boiler in place of an existing boiler or furnace can significantly improve the comfort of your home and reduce your monthly heating costs as well.

For example, some older boiler equipment can be just 50 to 55% efficient, which means homes using these types of boilers are only getting about 50% return on every dollar they spend on home heating. Newer, state-of-the-art residential boilers can deliver upwards of 95% efficiency! This means you save up to 40% on your heating bill each year. If you pay $1800 per year to heat your home, you could realize a savings of $720 per year or $3600 over 5 years! Equally impressive are the warranties on boiler equipment components which range from 10 to 20 years depending on the model.

H Jack Langer Plumbing and Heating are trained and experienced in the installation of residential boilers that replace either existing boilers or traditional home furnace equipment. We offer several options for residential boilers including premium manufacturers like Dunkirk and Peerless.

H Jack Langer would be happy to provide you a FREE estimate on installing a new boiler in your home. Call us at Erie PA (814) 454-7944.. Or if you already have a boiler and need service, call around-the-clock for emergency repairs or use our convenient contact form for non-emergency requests