Fixed Our Drain!

I have one of those crappy Ryan home houses, so something is bound to break down sooner than later. The kitchen sink was clogged 3 days ago. I called H. Jacks’. Two technicians came and did the diagnostics and repair (snake). They pointed out what causes the pipe to clog. Nick was kind enough to remedy the pipe issue. Joel offered valuable advice on how to avoid future pipe problems. Terrific PR, terrific service. Highly recommended FYI I live in Richmond Hts, Ohio.

Oliver M. Family

With Grateful Appreciation!

We really appreciate the GR8* H. Jack’s service here from Chris D. in truck #1, Jeremy McCoy, Barry, Kevin, and the “gang” of excellent & professional workers, as we now are having more work & A/C installations this July. Last Dec. Jeremy McC. answered my call, listened to our emergencies, and then he and Chris D., immediately figured out what the solutions to our many problems were. & => ALL their work done to repair our water well pump and pressure tank and furnaces was a Blessing! Thank you!

Vincent & Ruth F.


H. Jack’s servicemen were prompt, professional, thorough, and explained everything they were doing. Very impressive. I would not hesitate to call them again when needed.

Alan B.

Jayson did a Great Job!

Although I felt that that the repair was quite expensive, Jason did a great job! He knew right away what the problem was and took the time to explain everything as well as provided me with the old part. He even showed me the correct way to put the filter in, in order to avoid future costly repairs. Thank you guys and I will be contacting you again should the need arise.

Mary L.

Complete Satisfaction

I contacted this company because of a drain problem we were having in our back yard. They sent out 2 service people that worked for hours clearing out drains. 2 of the 3 drains were opened and are flowing well. The 3rd they needed to dig out a damaged area and replace a section of pipe. This was done on 2 trips to my home. The big question is would I call them for other problems, YES. Thank you H Jack’s for the work you did and for the timely manner in which it was taken care of. Steve R. – Solon, Ohio.

Steve R.


From the very start of the project, H. Jack’s was very professional. Bill, the Foreman for the project was outstanding. He explained to me the entire process answering all of my many questions. Each H. Jack’s employee was courteous and professional, as well. Even though it was a large task, when the project was completed, no one would ever know H. Jack’s were present in my home. I would strongly recommend H. Jack’s for any plumbing or HVAC project. Thank you H. Jack’s.

John H.

Good work

We have been with Jack for years. He does good work and always keeps his word.

Donna O.

Great Work, Quick, and Painless

Bill and Shawn came to my house today and diagnosed my leaking tub… Not a 5 min job. Both were pleasant and knew what they were doing. In and out. Great job. thanks, Jeff.

Jeff S.

Burst Faucet Outside

I just want to commend the wonderful work that Carl and Elvis did on repairing my faucet that burst out in my backyard. I felt so bad having them be outside in all the snow and cold. But they did the work with a smile and were so very kind. If anyone needs plumbing services I will definitely recommend your company. And also a thank you to Jeremy who I spoke to 3 times on the phone. Great employee’s all the way around.

Ilene K.

Excellent job

I am very impressed with the quality and professionalism of your company and the guys that did the work. Excellent job. Thank you.

Richard L. Chardon

Thank you

You have master mechanics that have personal pride in the service work they can do… Thank you.

Beatrice W.


Chris was the most professional plumber I’ve ever had! He diagnosed the problem in under 60 seconds, and gave me an estimate in under two minutes. My new plumber!

Sam R.

Thank You, H. Jack’s!

I called H. Jack’s and I had a very nice man named Jeremy to come to my home, and seen where the leak was coming from he was very knowledgeable all the men were very professional and courteous, I am very pleased with all the work I would never use any other company, I love H. Jack’s.

Sharon B.

Thank You

Very well satisfied with your response and work. Thank you.

Gene J., Findley Lake

Great Service

I called H. Jack’s around 5 A.M. due to the heat was off in my home. This was February in Cleveland. A tech named Mike came over within a half-hour. He diagnosed the problem and being that I had to be at work was very accomodating and returned when there was someone at the home later in the day. I would definitely recommend H. Jack’s.


Courteous and Helpful

All the servicemen were very courteous and helpful. They went above and beyond!

Esther L.

Professional Service

We were beyond pleased with the prompt, professional service we received! We will certainly contact with future needs and recommend to our contacts! Thank you!

Christian J.

Very Pleased

The service man was very courteous and did a wonderful job. He went out of his way to get the part the was needed and installed it quickly. We have had H. Jack’s do another large job in the past and were very pleased with price and service!

Rose Ann V.

Kind and Efficient

The work was efficient and well put together. I love how H. Jack’s is kind and has a really good service.

Sterling U.

Great Job on Plumbing and Sewer

I can only get 4 stars to light up but you definitely deserve all five! What started out as a slow running toilet resulted in tearing up our basement floor to replace the sewer line, etc. We are glad it is finally done and hopefully won’t have further problems. The guys were very professional, cleaned up the gunky mess, and we couldn’t have asked for more!

Paul and Linda

Good Job

We have called on H. Jack’s to fix the bathroom sink and shower, then our dish disposal. I was so pleased I told my sister in law and she called you to fix her shower. Thanks for being so effective.

Carolyn B.

Would Definitely Recommend!!!

We called for a problem with the toilet, but when they got there they were able to find the root of the problem. Their work was very professional. Their workers were very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them to other friends. While they were at our house, our 85-year old neighbor’s furnace went out. We called for service for her, they came within the hour. She needed a new furnace and they were able to have replaced within 5 hours. Amazing! She was happy and warm that same day. Thank you H. Jack’s!

Rick and Chris F.

Plenty of Hot Water

Al and his guys came to the house promptly and within a few hours had the old water heater out and the new, efficient unit up and running. Great people, professional work. Thank you.

Tom H.

Water Tank and Installation

Excellent service does exist! I wanted to take the time to sincerely thank everyone involved in our recent purchase and installation of a new hot water tank. I emailed my situation, and I think less than 1/2 hour later, someone was calling me to help. They sent a crew for an estimate that afternoon and quoted me a really great price. We scheduled the installation for the very next day. The installers were personable and knowledgeable, I trusted them completely.

Trish S.

Great Service!!!

Had a main drain back up in the bathroom which occurred on a Saturday. Called H. Jack’s and they arrived in less than an hour. Brian who actually took my call was the one who showed up to do the job. Brian was excellent and so was his assistant in training Shawn. They were swift to get the job done and got us back up and running in no time. They got the job done in frigid weather as well. Great customer service and we will be seeing Jacks again in the spring. Thanks again!!!!

Cindy S.

Quick and Efficient

I was able to get same-day service within 2 hours of my call on a Wednesday afternoon, the plumber was pleasant and gave me an upfront idea for the first hour of work, granted it was $140, slightly higher than the other phone call I made but they came quickly and I was home so he was able to take care of it and was off for $139. Overall a very positive experience, thanks!”

Lee R.


H. Jack’s arrived fast after the service call. Thank you, George, for giving me a fair price. You didn’t know if my financial issues. I thank God! for kind, hard-working people not wanting to rip others off. Thank you, H. Jack’s for having great professional workers. The workers worked hard at trying to resolve my backed up sewer line but unfortunately not successful. You are my new plumbers because of your honesty about the issue & you guys never gave up trying. I will review the quote for other service options.

L. M.

Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather: 8 Point Homeowners Winter Checklist

Nov 10, 2017

Tips to Help Prepare Your House for the Snow and Cold

As the days grow colder, H. Jack’s Plumbing and Heating Co. is looking forward to the holidays, sleigh rides, and hot cocoa by the fire. But before we enjoy the chilly weather, we want to give you winter home maintenance tips to help prepare your house for the snow and cold. The last thing you want during the winter months is a furnace breakdown and a frozen home! This eight-point winter checklist will ensure you have a warm winter, despite the chill outside.

8 Point Homeowners Winter ChecklistInspect your Furnace Boiler.

Check the area around the furnace or boiler and remove all flammable objects. Before officially turning on your furnace, have it inspected by a professional technician who can spot any problems you may have missed and let you know if you need furnace repair! Also, if you have a boiler, make sure to get a boiler inspection. H. Jack’s can provide you with a boiler or furnace inspection, as well as boiler or furnace repair services to ensure your heater won’t break down on you in the dead of winter.

Check your Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Ensure the alarm is working for those winter months where you are holed up inside. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can cause harm to you and your family, especially during the winter months when it tends to build-up inside your home. Change those batteries if need be and have peace of mind this winter.

Change your HVAC Filter.

A clean filter means air flows through your house without restriction, while dirty filters make your heater work harder than it needs to and drives up your heating bill. Air filters should be replaced just about every month, but be sure to replace your air filter especially before you turn on your heating system.

Insulate, insulate, insulate.

Check your attic, crawlspaces, and even your ceiling. Insulate any space where air is leaking, so you don’t lose the rising warm air you need to heat your house! Also, make sure to seal the smaller places air can leak through, like windows and doors. Save on energy costs by weatherstripping and caulking those places cold air sneaks into your home.

Reverse your Ceiling Fans.

Hot air rises, but you want that nice warm air to move downwards rather than stay up by the ceiling. By reversing your ceiling fans to a clockwise direction, you create an updraft that pushes the warm air down into the room. This keeps your house warmer, so you can lower that thermostat.

Radiator Tune-up and Vent Check-up.

Inspect your radiators and vents, ensuring they are free of dust and dirt. Double check nothing is covering or blocking them, such as furniture or drapes. This blockage can create a safety hazard and hinder airflow.

Pipe Insulation.

Pipes in vulnerable places like attics, crawl spaces, and basements are in danger of freezing because of extreme temperatures. Confirm that air is circulating where these pipes are located and add extra insulation around exposed pipes. Insulating pipes secures a steady water supply, and it also provides protection so that after winter has thawed, you don’t have any leaks. As a bonus, insulating pipes puts less stress on your hot water tank, –which you should also check for leaks and damage before the colder temperatures set in. If any problems arise with your pipes or your hot water heater, contact H. Jack’s for our expert plumbing services.

Clean Gutters

You want to be sure all water is away from your house to prevent leaks, flooding, and icicles from taking over this winter. Besides cleaning up those gutters, you should also disconnect your garden hose and turn off all exterior faucets. Drain out the excess water though, otherwise it can freeze and burst your pipes! Divert any extra water that might be coming down from your roof with trenches or extensions to your downspouts, so that it is deposited at least a few feet away from your foundation.

Get your house ready for winter with this checklist, and call H. Jack’s to inspect your furnace or boiler to guarantee everything is working properly. However, if there’s an emergency during those unpredictable winter months, know that H. Jack’s experienced technicians are on call 24 hours a day for your heating and plumbing needs. So don’t hesitate, and schedule an appointment that first snowflake falls!

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